C.A.R.D. Masters Weekend Courses

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Method of Delivery: L / P Morning Lecture with Powerpoint Case Presentation
Afternoon Hands-On Laboratory Location: Dallas, TX at City Place Conference Center
Prerequisite: C.A.R.D. ARS Courses 1-4

The Masters Courses are designed as a series, with the prerequisite being completion of C.A.R.D. ARS Courses 1 - 4. As with the ARS Courses, each Masters Candidate Course builds on the previous course so that the participating dentists attain a comprehensive understanding of basic and advanced methods in all covered areas. All courses are taught in Dallas, TX, at City Place Conference Center, beginning on a Friday morning at eight a.m., and concluding on Saturday afternoon at five p.m.

The small group Masters setting allows for interactive, inclusive and intense personalized study. These courses are for dentists serious about moving to the highest level and practicing in the top tier of comprehensive aesthetic restorative dentistry. Engaging discourse, utilizing the Socratic Method, will be an important part of the Masters Courses.

All day Friday, Dr. Cutbirth will present pertinent new cases at each seminar so that dentists ingrain the restorative system and develop knowledge of analyzing and treatment planning for any case, no matter how complicated. Dentists will master the best methods of performing each step of an aesthetic restorative case.

All day Saturday of each Masters course, invited specialty speakers present seminars on a variety of topics pertinent to CARD dentists. Speakers and topics include Dr. Henry Gremillion and Frank Dolwick on the topic of diagnosis and treatment of facial pain; Dr. Farhad Boltchi on the topic of implant complications and gingival/bone grafting; IMTEC dentists on the topic of mini implant placement; Dr. Jack Griffin on the topic of dental photography; Dr. Alec Fleury (Real World Endo) on the topic of rotary endodontics, retrofill surgery, and post removal; Mr. Phil Watkins (CDT and owner of Functional Esthetics dental lab) on the topic of effective laboratory communication; Mr. Willi Geller and Mr. Asami Tanaka (both CDT’s) on the topics of advanced dental laboratory porcelain techniques (for technicians and dentists); various communications specialists, on the topics of intra-office and dentist/staff/patient communication; Dr. Ron Auvenshine on the topic of diagnosis and treatment of facial pain. Normally a specialty speaker is invited to speak twice, in sequential years.

The speakers are normally selected at or annual faculty course planning/review retreat each May or June. By the end of the fourth course, each C.A.R.D. Masters Participant will have tremendously enhanced their technical dental ability and practice management skills.

In addition, all graduates of the Masters Course Series will automatically be a member of the C.A.R.D. Teaching Faculty and eligible to participate in the C.A.R.D. long – range planning retreat.

C.A.R.D. Masters Weekend Course I

C.A.R.D. Masters Weekend Course II

C.A.R.D. Masters Weekend Course III

C.A.R.D. Masters Weekend Course IV

C.A.R.D. Masters Weekend Course V


The following information will be worked in intermittently amongst the above described four Masters Weekend Courses.

Masters Candidate Dentists will select and present a case in PowerPoint format for 30 minutes each. Included will be pre-op and post op images, restorative steps and wax up. This may be one of the cases presented at Masters Weekend Course I or another case. It may be a complex case, an aesthetic restorative case or just an interesting case.

The objective is for the Masters Candidate Dentist to scientifically document a case from beginning to end, including post-operative images. They will facilitate group discussion of their case presentation.
Dr. Cutbirth will mentor the Masters Candidate Dentists on how to publish articles in dental literature. They will discuss literature review, attain important existing dental studies and articles and understand the parts of a writing a scientific article.

Masters Candidate Dentists will review the key points of a successful dental practice system.

Format and Location

All Courses are held at City Place Conference Center in Dallas, Texas.

City Place Conference Center
2711 N. Haskell
Dallas, Texas 75204

Each course is a two-day course, on Friday and Saturday, from 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., combining a comprehensive presentation in conjunction with hands-on training and interactive demonstrations.

Included each day is a continental breakfast at 7:30 am and a lunch at noon.

paceThe Center for Aesthetic Restorative Dentistry is approved by the Academy of General Dentistry as a PACE Continuing Education provider. At the end of each course on Saturday you will receive 16 hours of CE credit.

Upon completion of all five courses of the Advanced Restorative Series, you will receive a mounted plaque at our Center for Aesthetic Restorative Dentistry Banquet in May.

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